Student government

Student government

The democratic system of our school allows more than a hundred young people to invest in the Student Council and in the following departments:

  • Communications;

  • Arts and Culture;

  • Environment;

  • Pastoral and Community Involvement;

  • Sports and Leisures;

Students at the school must elect a political party of six people : the Prime Minister (reserved for Secondary 5 students) and five ministers (positions open to Secondary IV and IV students). The Prime Minister must first shows that he and his team are the best people to fill this position, through the election campaign. At the end of the campaign, an election day is organized for all students at the school.

Subsequently, the elected Prime Minister is to direct his Cabinet of Ministers consisting of his five ministers and eleven class ministers. They were elected on Election Day. Together they decide on the orientations and implementation of student activities throughout the year.

In addition, ministers are responsible for a department related to a particular area of ​​activity. In these ministries we find 11 deputies elected to ensure the development of each of these sectors.

This work done by young people allows our school to have a color that truly reflects the concerns and interests of our students. We believe this formula provides our students with the opportunity to further develop their skills and responsibilities.

Student Government 2016-2017. From left to right: Justine Mérette Minister of Sports and Leisures, David Gagnon Minister of Pastoral and Community Engagement, Gabriel Amyot Minister of Environment, Noémie Lavoie Minister of Communications, Charles Néron-Lapointe Minister of Arts and Culture and Naomi Thibeault Prime Minister.

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What is the Séminaire ?
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    Athletics, hockey, fishing and hunting, ski and snowboarding, cheerleading, horse riding, soccer, Pop-Jazz music

  2. Extracurricular activities

    Student government, theater, improvisation, talent show, volleyball, badminton, soccer, skatepark, etc.

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    The school team of the Seminaire is stable and comes back each year with an excellent knowledge of the students

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