Project school of tomorrow

Project school of tomorrow

In the 21st century, secondary schools have the opportunity to innovate in several areas for the benefit of students. Educational research has made many recent breakthroughs, technology offers a multitude of possibilities and a great openness to the world; The Séminaire is committed to revolutionizing the educational model offered to adolescents in general education.

Our school of tomorrow project is a reflection of our values ​​and colors. We want to reinvent school to better prepare today's young people to become the actors of the world of tomorrow. In other words, we are working to bring the educational experience of young people to a higher level.

The school of tomorrow at the Séminaire is:

  • A total immersion in French;
  • Significant emphasis on student autonomy;
  • An individualized approach to learning with enrichment for high performing students and support for students with learning differences;
  • Various, innovative and proven teaching methods;
  • Technology-enabled classrooms to deepen engagement with curriculum (e.g. WIFI, interactive whiteboard, tablets);
  • Modern, comfortable, safe spaces adapted to school and social life.

At the Seminar, partnership, innovation, autonomy and respect prevail.

Students attending the Seminar are fortunate to benefit from innovative measures in pedagogy, supervision, school calendar and classrooms. Here is an overview:



For several years, the school calendar has remained very static. The pace of life of young people has changed a lot, but we have not adapted to it. It's well known: in North America, the school starts in September and ends in June, so students have two opportunities to get some energy back on the Holidays and Spring Break. Some pedagogical days and holidays are added here and there.

A major innovation of the Seminary is to reshape the calendar to provide more opportunities to students to recharge their batteries. Conducting pedagogical days makes it possible to add additional break weeks in the fall and spring. The benefits of this restructuration of the calendar are numerous: more significant periods of rest, fewer single pedagogical day that break the pace, better willingness to provide sustained effort.

The new calendar still has 180 school days. The start and end dates of the classes remain unchanged.


Personalized quality education

To optimize student support, the Seminar offers enhanced and innovative follow-up in the coming school year. Each student is paired with a mentor among the teachers of the school. Through regular interviews, the student is led, by his mentor, to identify himself the actions to be taken to achieve his goals. The follow-up of each student by a significant adult for a whole school year, in addition to his parents, has an extremely beneficial effect on success as shown by the experience of Collège d'Anjou, the private educational institution whose student results improved the most in Québec in 2016.

Individual meeting blocks take place on Fridays day 5 in the afternoon. Students who do not have a scheduled interview are free to continue their day independently at home or to participate in rewarding special activities.



Teenagers spend 180 days in school each year. The more this environment reflects them, the more beautiful and dynamic it is, the better they feel. The positive effects on pedagogy are undeniable. "Scientific studies are clear: school performance is increased in schools that are spacious, bright, with common spaces and well-designed classrooms. The simple fact of being able to associate learning with a space, a color, a pleasant sensation makes them more durable, better anchored and more easily reusable.

Recently, the Séminaire modernized its classrooms. Not only did we refresh the paint, the curtains and the floor covering, we also modernized all the furniture. In addition to being bright and current, our classrooms are now equipped with the latest technology.

"What if 2017 was the year when we stopped building ugly schools? "

- François Cardinal, La Presse

Tania Larouche, director of pedagogical services

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