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Le Séminaire Séminaire Marie-Reine-du-Clergé

The Séminaire Marie-Reine-du-Clergé is a private coed high school.

The Séminaire was born first in the heart of a priest, Father Patrick Trottier. Thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work, with the support of monseigneur Marius Paré and Canon Roland Potvin, the foundation project was approved by monseigneur G. Melançon on July 17, 1956.

The Séminaire was first established within the old college of Métabetchouan. By the second year, the space is too small and a dormitory is improvised in the basement of the church.

On November 8, 1956, the Séminaire’s college level education was recognized by the Faculty of Arts at Laval University. It continued to teach the college curriculum until June 1970.

The parishioners of St. Jerome, along with their parish priest, Canon Ludger Larouche, offered the sum of $ 12 000 for repairs and the restauration of the building. They completed 2 500 hours of volunteer work.

The Federation of the Leagues of the Sacred Heart of the diocese provided liturgical materials for the chapel of the house.

Construction of the Séminaire

On June 23, 1958, construction starts 

The architect Jacques Coutu of Chicoutimi designed the plans of the building, which is constructed in two stages: A, B, and C Wings in 1958-1959; D and E wings in 1962-1963.

The current building is occupied since March 17, 1959.

The status of the institution

  • The Séminaire was initially recognized by the Catholic Committee of the Superior Council of Education of Quebec as a school providing Catholic faith-based teaching from 1955 until 2000. Deconfessionalized today, it still wants and allows young high school students to discover their personal mission.
  • The Séminaire was first the place for young people and adults who wished to begin or complete their studies for the priesthood.Since1970, it welcomes young people aged between twelve and seventeen. As for girls, they are accepted since1985.
  • Between 1977 and2003, the institution was administered by two corporations: the SÉMINAIRE MARIE-REINE-du-CLERGÉ and LES SERVICES ÉDUCATIFS DU SÉMINAIRE MARIE-REINE-du-CLERGÉ INC. Since2003, the secular corporation is the sole manager of all activities.
  • TheSéminaire is part of the network of private institutions created by Bill 56 of the Quebec National Assembly on December 18,1968. It was first recognized for subsidy purposes by the Ministry of Education of Quebec; then recognized of public interest on October 17, 1969.
  • It is a member of the Association of Secondary Education Institutions (AIES) of Quebec, today FEEP.
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What is the Séminaire ?
  1. Our

    Athletics, hockey, fishing and hunting, ski and snowboarding, cheerleading, horse riding, soccer, Pop-Jazz music

  2. Extracurricular activities

    Student government, theater, improvisation, talent show, volleyball, badminton, soccer, skatepark, etc.

  3. Our

    The school team of the Seminaire is stable and comes back each year with an excellent knowledge of the students

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