Academic excellence program

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The Séminaire offers a program of study for high-performance students from Secondary 1 to 3. This program is open to students who perform well academically and who wish to exceed their limits in several areas of learning.

With the advent of the Intermediate Education Program (IEP) in public schools, some parents of students with greater facility are likely to believe that their child will be better served to the public than to the private sector.

The Séminaire's response to these parents, who are anxious to offer their children the best opportunities for overcoming, is the Academic Excellence Program. After three years of experimentation, analysis, research, exhibition visits, congresses and exhibitions, the Séminaire's management and teachers team innovates with a comprehensive education program that will promote optimal development of young people in all of the following areas:


Discovery of several languages and cultures;

Scientific phenomenons;

Health and sports;

Media and technology;


The Academic Excellence Program is tailor-made for students to excel. They will have to demonstrate their ability to be part of this program through the excellence of their academic results and through a selection interview. They will participate in national competitions such as Ingenious Engineering Challenge, Expo-Science, Opti-Math, etc. The Séminaire's Academic Excellence Program proudly displays the success and achievement of its students.

The Séminaire's management and its team of teachers are determined to increase their efforts to supervise high-performance students.

With its well known special education services and its brand new Academic Excellence Program, the Séminaire remains the best choice to guide student success and achievement.

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    Athletics, hockey, fishing and hunting, ski and snowboarding, cheerleading, horse riding, soccer, Pop-Jazz music

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    Student government, theater, improvisation, talent show, volleyball, badminton, soccer, skatepark, etc.

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    The school team of the Seminaire is stable and comes back each year with an excellent knowledge of the students

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