Coach - M. Danick Côté
    The Séminaire’s track and field program has been a great success in recent years. Our coach, Mr. Danick Côté, a former university athlete, knows how to motivate students to excel and perform. Training takes place on the Séminaire grounds and indoor facilities and focuses mainly on short-distance and mid-distance racing. Indoor training: circuit training, gymnasium, spinning, weight lifting. Outdoor training: mid-distance racing, sprint, cross-country. In addition to the training periods, students participate in all regional athletics competitions within the Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec (RSEQ). Many athletes from the Seminar stand out for their performances at these competitions.
    • 2 training per cycle (2 weeks);
    • Diagnostic tests, indoor and outdoor training, interval training and maximal aerobic power, educational training;
    • Fitness, concentration, stress management, self-improvement.
    Professional hunting and fishing guide - M. Martin Pêcheur
    The Hunting & Fishing program has been a great success and is open to grades 7 and 8 students and is, without a doubt, an exclusive feature of the Séminaire. The program is headed by Mr. Martin Girard, alias Martin Pêcheur, the French name for the kingfisher, a professional fishing guide ( who knows the best kept secrets of the magnificent Lac St-Jean region. Students get hands-on experience through a dozen half-day excursions. In past years students have trapped and hunted small game, and fished from shores, boats, and ice huts. 

    Practical training workshops;

    • 10 varied fishing and hunting activities;
    • Predefined calendar of activities;
    • Enhanced follow-up for parents and students via the PluriPortail and the newsletter;
    • Exit to a shooting range;
    • Supervised by a professional hunting & fishing guide.

    In collaboration with martinpê

    Coach - Mme Élisabeth Otis
    The program is run by Mme Élisabeth Otis, a French teacher at the Séminaire, and is open to grades 7-11. There are two weekly after school training sessions in a large practice space with the necessary equipment. The Séminaire cheerleading teams participate in the three regional competitions of the Quebec Student Sport Network (RSEQ). Here are some recent team achievements: 2014-2015 Cadet level 3, Regional champion team 2013-2014 Cadet level 3, First place at the regional championships 2012-2013 Cadet level 3, Second place at the regional championships.
    • Participation in the three regional RSEQ competitions;
    • Participation in a provincial competition in Quebec City*. 
    * Additional fees apply

    Classical instructor - Mme Linda Maltais
    The equestrian program is run by the Écuries Barock (Facebook: Écuries Barock). Our program educates young people about the way of life, behavior and language of horses. Students study Hippological and ethological theory and observe a herd of more than 20 horses in their natural environment. Horseback riding is used as a way to better interact with the horses. Students learn riding techniques as well as the theoretical and practical knowledge that flows from it. Students learn to handle and care for the horses, build trust and respect, human leadership of the animal, and working in the saddle. Clinics and workshops schedule led by professional horse handlers: 15 sessions of horseback riding (12:30 to 14:30); 15 Sessions of observation and study (ethology) (15:00 to 16:30).
    • Work of trust and respect on the ground;
    • Work of human leadership on a horse in total freedom;
    • Work in the saddle
    • Handling and daily care;
    • Hippological and ethological theory;
    • Clinics and / or workshops with professionals.

    In collaboration with Les Écuries Barock

    Coach - M. Jean-Simon Allard, éducateur physique
    The Séminaire is proud to offer boys and girls a school hockey development program directed by Mr. Jean-Simon Allard, a senior professional player and physical educator. In keeping with our sporting programs, the school hockey development program is designed to develop high-level players and to enable them to attain their potential. There are two levels: Benjamin (grades 7-8) and Juvenile (grades 9-11). There are two practices per week at the Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix arena and one to two additional voluntary training workouts involving weight lifting and cardiovascular development at the indoor Sémigym on campus. Players participate in the regional tournaments of the RSEQ.
    • 2 practices per week at the Métabet-Chouan-Lac-à-la-Croix Arena;
    • 1 to 2 voluntary bodybuilding or cardiovascular training (s) at the Sémigym training center;
    • Mixed participation in regional RSEQ tournaments.

    Instructor - M. Marc-Alexandre Martel
    Nowadays, musicians must be versatile in order to exercise their passion in all its splendor. Some post-secondary schools recognize this and offer services à la carte, but there are few secondary schools that explore this aspect of music education. The Seminar's jazz-pop program offers students the opportunity to become versatile by offering a variety of courses in collaboration with the Mur-à-Mur Music School ( /) and its qualified teachers. In addition to periods of private, semi-private or ensemble instruction, students regularly have the opportunity to participate in performances of all kinds such as talent shows or competitions.
    • Private instrument courses;
    • Course of assembly;
    • Theorical class;
    • 2 shows open to the public;
    • Experienced teachers.
    In collaboration with Musique Mur à Mur.

    Chief instructor - M. Claude-David Gaudreault 
    In collaboration with the Saguenay Snowboard School (, the Séminaire trains young people in the region who want to develop their skill in snowboarding, skateboarding and freestyle skiing. By offering different workshops to improve the motor skills of young people, the Snowboard School encourages students to develop and master techniques required to practice these sports. Within the team, certified and dynamic coaches know how to hook and stimulate learners with their skills and personalized teaching. Private sessions are delivered once or twice per week at the Snowboard School and include snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and trampoline. Students must be able to do a basic slalom and have the necessary equipment including a helmet.
    • Workouts designed for students who are introduced to snowboarding and freestyle skiing;
    • 3 outputs at ESS club;
    • 12 outings to Mont-Lac-Vert during the season;
    • 3 outings to Mont-Bélu;
    • 1 exit to Valinouet;
    • Coaching by the best coaches in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region;
    • Unlimited access to the SRP Snow Park
    • Participation in preparation and development camps *;
    • Travel to a center outside Quebec *.
    * Additional fees apply

    In collaboration with École de snowboard du Saguenay

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    Athletics, hockey, fishing and hunting, ski and snowboarding, cheerleading, horse riding, soccer, Pop-Jazz music

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    Student government, theater, improvisation, talent show, volleyball, badminton, soccer, skatepark, etc.

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    The school team of the Seminaire is stable and comes back each year with an excellent knowledge of the students

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